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About Us


Sub-Urban is a relentless endeavor to blur the lines of hip-hop, jazz, and soul into a cohesive, tasteful piece of art. Sub-Urban is the love child of jazz and classically trained musicians, a sextet of homies that know how to bring it down. 

Music is more than just a listening experience — it's an opportunity to explore different facets of human creation. Sub-Urban has capitalized on this notion, delivering an experience that speaks to a diverse audience of music-lovers looking for that hot new thing.

Check em' out. See for yourself.

  • Bass / Background Vocals - Hector Ares
  • Guitar - Tom Kean
  • Keyboard / Saxophone - Dakota Austin
  • Lead Vocals - Charlie Widmer
  • Drums - Matt Spencer
  • Vocals - Fred "Eff-One" Widmer
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