Sub-Urban is a relentless endeavor to blur the lines of hip-hop, jazz, and soul into a cohesive, tasteful piece of art. Sub-Urban is the love child of jazz and classically trained musicians, a sextet of homies that know how to bring it down. 

Music is more than just a listening experience — it's an opportunity to explore different facets of human creation. Sub-Urban has capitalized on this notion, delivering an experience that speaks to a diverse audience of music-lovers looking for that hot new thing.

This style of music comes from a diverse list of inspirations and influences, ranging from Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson to The Roots, Thundercat, and Anderson .Paak. With an intense live presence, a mix of originals and covers, and a unique chemistry between all band members, they are a group unlike any other. 

The group is comprised of Charlie Widmer on lead vocals, Hector Ares on bass, Matt Spencer on drums, Dakota Austin on keyboard and saxophone, Tom Kean on guitar, and Fred "Eff-One" Widmer on vocals.

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